Power Building

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Strategy, Planning, Communications & Training

Erik Peterson brings nearly 35 years of organizing, training, management, facilitation and leadership development experience to helping progressive organizers, candidates and organizations build the strategic capacity needed to win a better, fairer, more just and equitable world.


Justice is not passive.
Nor is it the inevitable end of history.

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Martin Luther King spoke of the arc of history bending toward justice.

As progressive organizers we must constantly keep bending it.

This requires vision, power building, strategy, smart plans, effective tactics, and compelling narratives that inspire action. We must grow leaders and create nimble organizations that can leverage political opportunities and use them to achieve their vision. We must build our strategic capacity as progressive leaders and organizations. We must build the power needed to win.



35 Years of Experience

  • Grassroots issue advocacy and electoral campaign strategy development and planning

  • Strategic directions organizational planning and transformation

  • Expert trainer and facilitator – program design, curriculum development, and train-the-trainer

  • Community organizing and coalition building

  • Strategic communications and messaging

  • Storytelling/narrative training and coaching for candidates, campaigns and organizations

  • Executive/managerial job coaching

  • Team building, leadership development